Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the practice of being with people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with God, or to learn and grow in their own personal spirituality. The person seeking direction shares stories of his or her encounters with God, or how he or she is experiencing spiritual issues. The director listens and asks questions to assist the directee in his or her process of reflection and spiritual growth. Spiritual direction develops a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human.   (adapted from Wikipedia)

Rich Mullins did not consider the spiritual life as a stagnant once and done experience.  He believed that our life with God is an ever changing discovery of who we were created to be.  The following are quotes from an 1997 interview with Brent Waters.

"In spiritual direction, the idea is that God purposed you into this world, that there is a purpose that is unique, and that you have an identity that is unique, and it is sacred to God. That's one of my favorite things"

"In Exploring Spiritual Direction, Alan Jones talked about the idea of spiritual direction which is from the Catholic tradition. In that, your spiritual director basically helps you sort through our own idea of who we are, to get past that and to come to experience ourselves as God created us, and as God thinks we are, which would be the equivalent of holiness. To be who we are created to be would be to be holy"