How Has Rich Mullins Touched You?

Many of us on our journeys to discovering or re-discovering Catholicism have been influenced by Rich Mullins. People often tell us how Rich's music inspired them to grow in their faith. Or they talk about how Rich's journey to the Catholicism has given them the courage to take the same step he was going to make before he died. Still others tell us that they believe his prayers are what have brought them closer to Jesus and His Church.

Please take some time and share your story as a comment. Allow others to hear how Rich Mullins' life, legacy, and prayers have influenced you and hopefully your words will inspire others to grow in their journeys of faith.


  1. I believe Rich indirectly was involved with my return to the Catholic Church after 31 years as an evangelical Protestant. Please check my story about it here

  2. I have been touched by Rich's ministry and still listen to his CDs to this day. I am extremely saddened to know of his passing. I even remember where I was that day when I heard the news of his passing. I was devastated. I wanted to be joyful that he had finally gone home to be with the Lord that he so faithfully served for so many years but I just could not believe that at that moment, that his time here in this world was over and I did not want that to be.

    I even tear up as I write this as he has had a very profound effect on my life and I will always be grateful to him for allowing God to use him to reach out to me and so many others and allow them to fall in love with God.

    I so dearly miss Rich - but his music lives on in my heart and I can rejoice in that and also knowing that while he has gone home to Glory, because of him, I have an even deeper love of (and for) God than I ever have although I still stumble and fall from time to time and I feel really bad for not being able to withstand but I put on one of Rich's Cds and remember back to a time of my singing and dancing to those songs that I will literally get up from time to time and actually do it as it is in my heart to do and then I am able to put things into a perspective since my focus is now on Jesus and not my shortcomings.

    Thank you Rich for being that voice, for your ministry, it has meant a lot to me - you may be gone from this world but I know I will see you again!

    RIP Rich and as you sang "..that where I am, may you also be."

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      That's a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your heart about how Rich Mullins touched you and continues to touch you through his music. It's wonderful the way he continues to be such a blessing to everyone who hears his story and listens to his music. God bless.

  3. I remember Keith Green doing something similar - taking a vow or poverty. He was giving his albums away by the time he died. I don't know what strong tributary of Christianity he swam in, but his influence is still powerful, and he was a man of great convictions. He warned us of the commercialization of Christendom, and he worried about the prosperity gospel's influence on the faith.
    I'm crossing the Tiber, myself, having been raised an evangelical non-denominational Christian from childhood.