God Became Microscopic!

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation. It's the day Catholics recognize and celebrate the moment Mary said "Yes" to God and allowed the Holy Spirit to overshadow her conceiving the Word of God, Jesus. This morning at Mass our priest proclaimed "Today God became microscopic!" The Incarnation begins and in 9 months we'll be celebrating the Nativity.

In his music and spirituality Rich Mullins often expressed the incarnational reality of our faith. Many of his songs intertwine God and nature. This concept is sometimes referred to as the Sacramentality of Creation. It's the idea that God speaks to and touches us through the physical natural world. Of course he does! He became flesh, he was even willing to start his earthly existence as one of the tiniest of living organisms, the human embryo.

The song "Calling Out Your Name" is a beautiful example of how Rich Mullins saw God speaking through nature. Listen closely to the lyrics as you watch the video below:

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